Welcome to Tomorrow.

The web you once knew is changing which means the future is on its way and we’re going to keep you at the top of your game.

So get ready to catapult yourself, your career and your business forward to the future - blockchain, decentralization, wallets, NFTs, tokens, de-fi, & DAOs. You’ll learn about, master and experience them first-hand over time with EPX.

No matter your comfort level of expertise, we’ll jump you far ahead of the pack. After all, many of your EPX peers are pioneering this great future for all of us.

Welcome to Web3.

A Digital Wallet You Own & Control

An important part of FutureForward is having more control over your own assets - personal information, membership cards, etc. So core to interacting with digital assets at EPX - NFTs, tokens (soon) and even logins… is you having control.

With your wallet you can acquire NFTs, buy/sell/store crypto on your own and transfer assets to and from other digital wallets you may own. It’s like the wallet in your pocket, but online and for digital assets across the web.

New to all of this? Don’t sweat it. We’ll show you how.

EPX Membership NFTs

Every EPX member will have their digital membership token stamped to the blockchain and used to access the platform and more.

Once you have a digital wallet, you’ll simply create (“mint”) your membership token and place it in your wallet. It can’t be hacked, stolen or used without your permission.

When you log in to EPX or other partner sites, Web3 functionality simply peeks into your wallet and recognizes your EPX membership credentials via your NFT token and opens up more functionality to benefit you.

As an EPX+ member, you’ll choose incredible unique artwork that represents you - no one will have one exactly like it.

The Metaverse

Another cornerstone of FutureForward is the ability to enjoy the universe and the incredible possibilities in the metaverse as well. So get ready for exclusive events, adventures and meetups in virtual lands that will blow your mind.

After all, your new friends and peers are the ones pioneering this incredible new frontier for everyone!

And guess what? We’ll soon help you build your own presence there too!

The Engage Economy

Ahhh the EPX Meritocracy. Doesn’t it make sense that members who help and support others the most over time deserve a little thank you?

The Engage to Earn economy provides thank you credits for certain actions that will eventually be used to get whatever you want from EPX - renting a beach house, hiring an advisor, taking a vacation or more.

Our #1 core value has always been “Help First. Help Often.” and now we have a way to say thank you, thank you, thank you.

The Future is Bright

We have so many breakthrough innovations coming and they are ALL meant to
bring YOU more value - achievement, adventure, performance and connection.