This is where YOU
Max. Out. Life.

Something Different

EPX is more than a next gen social and business network.

There’s no need for BS filters or to maintain a newsfeed to feel relevant. You don’t need to stay connected like a mindless robot wasting life away watching someone pour mentos in their shorts or clicking ads so we can make money.
Those days are over

EPX is a set of constantly evolving tools, events, and member-driven connection points for everything that matters in life; an ecosystem for greater achievement, adventure, impact, performance and connections.

Maximize Your
Return on Life.

We’re only here for a little while.

So push hard for success. Dance under the Milky Way. Learn to bio-hack sleep. Become an un-judgeable beacon of happiness and effortlessly grow a powerful network of new best friends.

Everything you want is possible. Simply register, show up and engage.

Help First. Help Often.

Our number one core value and center of gravity for this powerful group. It’s universal and extends to every interaction we have.

EPX members revel in the miracle of our intersection. We lead by listening and by offering our expertise, contacts and friendships to those who will certainly return the same.

There is no benchmark at EPX other than your own happiness and your own progress in all aspects of life.

A Meritocracy in

EPX reflects real life. Those who provide the most value to the network are rewarded with visibility or things they care about most.

So engage in social interaction, show up for virtual master classes, offer your expertise and knowledge to others. No matter the action, every member can engage and earn.

And these thank you credits will be able to be used inside the network on the things YOU care about most - business visibility, expertise or connections, experiences, adventures & more.

Universe and Metaverse.

EPX is real world and virtual alike. We appreciate technology for anywhere connections and love in-person experiences that can never be replaced.

Here you can trek across the far reaches of the Sahara one week and then meet others on a virtual meetup or on one of our metaverse adventures to a world unknown.

Not Meant for Everyone.

A successful life is not one-dimensional. Ambition alone never equals happiness and an exciting life lived.

EPX is for those who want to push achievement, adventure, impact and personal growth to the next level. It’s for those who show up humble and who understand that respect given is respect earned.

It is a center of gravity to get laser focused on the next frontier for what you can accomplish and who you can become.

When you join EPX, everything becomes possible. Simply join, engage and assist.

We Can’t Wait to See
You Fly.