Frequently Asked Questions

Is EPX an exclusive network?

Yes and no. It is not exclusive in the sense that someone has to have a massive business, be rich or famous to join. There’s no benchmark here - a single mom raising 4 great kids over 20 years is as celebrated as an astronaut that walks in space.

EPX is truly welcome to everyone. But anyone who is an attention hog, divides others with opinions, talks politics or is antagonistic can pound sand. They’re not eligible and won’t last long here. This network is about helping first and helping often. Always looking to unite vs. divide. Listen vs. Talk.

What are the EPX Core Values?

We’re glad you asked. They’re the guiding light for everything we are and will do:

1. Help First. Help Often.

2. Never Stop Evolving.

3. Experiences Over Things.

4. Do Good. Leave Better.

5. Disrupt Everything.

If anyone is not all in on these items, they’re not a good fit for this network.

Achieve More. Live More. Be More. Connect More. Impact More. Vibe More.

What does a Free member get?

A FREE membership has full access to the platform, tools and content. You’ll also be able to use tools for business help, funding, connect with others who inspire you and a LOT more. If space is available, you’ll be able to register for live master classes, virtual meetups, metaverse adventures, adventures, parties, city meetups. You can even pay a small fee to post your own events or meetups - online or off-line, free or paid.

A EPX+ membership enjoys these but also includes the ability to post your own meetups, events, adventures, host a tribe (your brand or interest), register for everything as priority, get exclusive EPX+ member tribe access, enjoy a larger more powerful network, exclusive events, receive accelerated XPLR credits,, receive a unique digital NFT membership and access to a ton of Web3 benefits coming and enroll in the remarkable Hyperbolic Grant program to earn shares in EPX. Whew! No brainer!

How does the Hyperbolic GrantsTM program work?

As an EPX+ member, you’ll have the opportunity to enter this breakthrough member partnership program. It treats you as a key member of the EPX team completing some basic tasks throughout the year. In exchange for this effort, we’ll reward you with a stock option grant that you will vest each year on the anniversary of your join date. Each year, for four years, the number of shares you earn will double. Best of all, if you invite other all-stars that join as EPX+ members who also add value, we’ll layer on another grant for you that matches theirs.

But here’s the catch… this program is only live while shares are available. So it is advantageous to join and enroll now.

What do you mean by engagement economy?

We’re proud to say our #1 core value has always been “Help First. Help Often.”. It who we are naturally. Now we’re rewarding it. In order for the power of this amazing network to serve each other, members need to be engaged. That means up to date and interacting in many ways.

The EPX platform can measure this and provide rewards to each member, passively and privately that later, can be redeemed for tokens in order to get you what matters most to you in life - experiences, expertise, access to events or content, cryptocurrency tokens, etc.

There’s nothing to do. Just join, keep showing up and high-fiving others on the platform, in virtual meetups, adventures and more. :)

Will you sell or use our data like other networks?

Hell no. We’re what’s called a first party network which means we only use your individually identifiable data to serve your interests in the best possible way on our platform.

We’re consumers too and we don’t want unsolicited anything hitting our radar. Honestly we’re tired of 10,000 cookies being placed our machines by other networks and sites and then following us around the web because we mentioned the word “puppies” in a private discussion.

Look for EPX to build tools to help you manage your own data and benefit from it. ;)

What does Open Business InterfaceTM (OBI) mean?

We’re also pioneering a win-win-win partnership-based ecosystem meaning that if you have skills, expertise or resources that can benefit the community or core company, let’s partner. You bring your resources and gifts and we will too and if we can generate benefit for others, we’ll win together and provide more value for everyone. This opportunity is open to everyone - software developers, marketing experts, coaches, etc.

What is FutureForwardTM?

There is a huge shift happening in the world. From centralized companies controlling our data and benefiting from it to a decentralized model where individuals are empowered to work together or manage their own information. The set of technologies is called Web3 and powered by things like blockchain, NFTs, utility tokens, cryptocurrency, DAOs, DeFi, AI and more.

We think it’s important to keep our squad at the front of the front on these things and so part of qualified memberships include training as a consumer and as a business.

No rush but you’ll already have many EPX peers pioneering these moves so why not learn from them? Never stop evolving, my friends.

What is the difference between a FREE and EPX+ Membership NFT?

A A FREE EPX membership NFT will soon be used for logging into the platform. Everyone will share the same digital artwork.

An EPX+ membership NFT will soon be used for logging into our platform, gaining member benefits at other companies and priority access many Web3 features coming in our roadmap. You’ll also choose artwork that will be unique to you.

What if I run another community in FB or LinkedIn?

Respect. Respect. Respect. We know how hard it is to build a community. But EPX is a platform that can give your members more value, grow your membership via your meetups, events and content published in front of new audiences and also accumulate many revenue and non-revenue benefits for you.

Our job is to add value to your members, grow visibility to your brand, increase your membership and deliver as much benefit to you as possible personally.

So create an EPX+ membership, create a tribe, invite people in and watch it grow.
We’ll take care of the rest.

Will you be monitoring/limiting free speech?

Lol. We’re definitely not that network. You don’t have to cause controversy to get attention here or post a video of you taking your clothes off or pranking someone else.
Here is where you show up and push your life and career forward in every regard while connecting with authentic all-stars who want the same.
Our policies are pretty straight forward:
1. No self-serving promotion unless someone asks for it
2. No political talk at all
3. No foul language or picking fights

We respect the differences that make us great but only when we are helping or uniting each other. Mess with our culture, core values or these three items and we’ll ban you and your descendants to P172+18 (look it up but you need to travel 13 billion light years to get back).

Divisive behavior or antagonizing language is the opposite of what we stand for.
In summary, our policies are built to seek, find and destroy a$$holes.

What would you do if you were me?

It’s a no brainer. Sign up for a EPX+ membership now, enroll in the Hyperbolic Grant program. You’ll have tons of advantages and access, you’ll rack up credits faster just for being you and you’ll start the vesting process on becoming a shareholder that can grow over time

Is an EPX+ Membership tax-deductible?

We only play accountants and lawyers on TV so consult yours. However, you’ll be networking for business, learning skills in business, attending business focused events and talking business. Just saying.